International Artist’s Day is set to be celebrated on October 25th 2018. The purpose of the occasion is to celebrate the work carried out by painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, actors, writers and more. Without art, our lives would carry much less meaning and we would struggle to find ways to fill our spare time. Art helps us make sense of the world and has proved to be a powerful tool for positive change. If you are considering adding more art to your life-but are on a limited budget, there are many steps you can take to be more creative and knowledgeable about art, even on a limited budget.

Support your local art community

One of the purposes of International Artist Day is to support the artists in your local community. You can do this by purchasing their works and therefore help them continue to make a living with their talents. The art that you acquire can add real value to your environment and bring more beauty to it. You can also mark the occasion by visiting your local museum or art gallery.

Museums and art galleries

Many local museums and galleries run classes for members of the public wishing to become more creative. Chances are there are many art classes in your local community that you can join for a modest fee. If you live in a rural location and don’t have such a facility close by, you could join an online art class or a social media group dedicated to art and supporting emerging artists.

Making art at home

If you are keen to bring more art into your life, why not start creating your own artworks at home? You don’t need to invest in incredibly expensive resources to get started, and you could quickly find your skills developing faster than you expect. Another step you can take if you’re determined to become more creative is to hold an art evening with your friends or family members. You could ask each guest to bring along around five items that can be used to make a piece of art before swapping and sharing your materials. If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not suggest a theme prior to the event?

Don’t let finance hold you back

Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular over recent years and can help you not only relieve stress but boost your creative skills at the same time. You could even take the step of framing your design and showing it off to your friends and family once it is completed. Some people source materials for new artworks from bric-a-brac and charity shops when they want to make art on a budget. Photos, deep frames and cut-outs can also help you create a stunning piece of art even when funds are low. Some of the most impressive art in history has been produced by people on shoestring budgets, so don’t let a lack of finance hold you back when you want to be more creative.