Creative planning can be super fun but sometimes it’s tricky to know where to start when there are a million other things to organise. Our favourite Planner and fan of the Busy Days Planner range, Claire aka @mrsplanneraddict, shows how she uses her Planner to coordinate Christmas like a pro!

“Christmas is a stressful time for most of us, but planning ahead could eliminate some of that stress, and make more time for enjoying the holiday season.

As soon as the summer holidays are over, the schools give me the schedule for the rest of term, which includes all the Christmas activities. With the information, I start working on my monthly layout.

Setting up a monthly spread in the Busy Days Planner

Using a mixture of the functional stickers which came with the planner, and some themed stickers, I started to decorate my pages, and added the flag stickers on the important dates.

Busy Days Planner detail image of Christmas planning page

I cut up one of last years Christmas cards because I loved the design and added it to this section. The reverse side is blank, so I’m using this as my Christmas gift ideas list.

Adding in last year's Christmas cards for colour and texture in the Busy Days Planner

One of the things I love about this planner is the that the start of each month it has a place for all important dates, and goals for that month.

This is where I am going to put my ideas for surprises for the kids. We do a Christmas Eve box each year, as well as Elf on the Shelf, so this space is perfect for it.

Christmas Eve gift ideas planning in the Busy Days Planner

I decorated the next page with some themed stickers and die cuts.

Busy Days Planner decorated with stickers and themed die cuts

I added a divider for this section using free printables from Pinterest. On the front is this quote from the movie Elf, and on the back is a Christmas countdown.

I will cover the days with stickers to keep track.

For the goals page, I added all the information I had so far, and then decorated with stickers from the planner, and some from my stash.

December is a really busy time for us, so I started this section by adding a few sheets of paper from my Christmas list pad.

This is perfect for to-do lists and the dreaded Christmas food shop.

I love adding decoration and lists to my planner, and I love that everything is in one place. I hope this inspires you to plan ahead.”

We would love to hear your feedback and planning tips this Christmas, comment below or tag us on Instagram @boxcleverpress