Struggling to get the most out of your revision? Whether you’re studying for GCSEs, A Levels or for a university degree, our 8 handy tips will help you stay focused when the going gets tough.


  1. Make sleep your best friend – We know you’ve heard this one before but making sure that you get enough sleep is crucial for attention span and concentration levels. A lack of sleep can affect your memory, your mood, and your performance. Try to not drink too much tea or coffee throughout the day and especially before you go to bed.
  2. Reduce your screen time – Our phones can be such a distraction, can’t they? If you struggle to concentrate for periods of time without scrolling through your phone, try leaving it in your bag or leaving it at home. Alternatively, you can now put time limits on your phone that will block social media distractions or you can turn your screen display to grayscale. There are also many apps available designed to help you beat internet addiction. The revision app Forest has created an innovative and fun way to help you stay focused by planting a virtual tree and letting it grow. Every time you leave the app before your set revision time is up the tree will wither away.
  3. Make a plan and stick to it – Give yourself some structure. Whether that means a detailed revision plan or a daily list of to-dos, creating a structure will really give you support when you lack motivation. The Boxclever Press Revision Wall Planner is a great tool for planning any revision schedule. It’s un-dated so can be started at any point and comes with 768 stickers to colour code each subject and time slot, giving you a detailed revision plan for up to six months at a time. Don’t forget to schedule regular breaks!
  4. Get creative – It’s great when you’ve found a way to revise that works well for you but mixing it up isn’t a bad idea either. Why not try mind maps, flow charts or brain dumps to really test your memory?
  5. Practice makes perfect – Make sure you’re as prepared as possible before your exams. Have a look online or ask your teachers for past exam papers and try and complete as many as you can, each in the set time. This will allow you to practise time management and you’ll get an idea of the type of questions you’ll be asked, the themes and the frequency of these questions. Don’t forget to keep referring to the mark scheme to help you improve.
  6. Feed the body and the mind – Try to maintain a healthy diet, especially during exams season. Nourishing your body with good food and lots of water will help you focus and concentrate for longer. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to avoid sugary snacks and energy drinks. If you’re starting to feel under pressure and anxious about your exams, exercise is the best way to beat these feelings and motivate yourself to keep going. Plus, you only need to do twenty minutes of exercise three times a week to feel the benefits!
  7. Don’t forget about you – It goes without saying exams can be stressful, so take time out to focus on you. Don’t give up your favourite hobby just because it’s exam season and catching up with friends can be a great stress relief.
  8. Points mean prizes – Reward yourself along the way for hard work, targets met and good results. If you’ve worked hard during the week and stuck to your revision plan, why not give yourself an afternoon or a day off? Hard work always pays off so don’t forget to reward yourself when the exam season is over and especially when you get your results.

We’d love to hear your revision planning tips, let us know on social media @boxcleverpress on Instagram or via Facebook. Happy studying and we wish you the best of luck in your exams!