Fine Line Doodle Pen (set of 6)


Product Information

Thickness:Set of 6

  • A set of dual-ended pens in six colours
  • Each pen has a 0.5mm and 1.2mm nib suitable for writing and doodling, these markers offers two pens in one

Ideal to use for creative planning in the Busy Days Planner, crafting, journaling and colour coding, these dual-nibbed pens have water-based dyed tip markers. The finer 0.5mm nib is ideal for writing, outlining and detail whilst the larger 1.2mm nib is perfect for covering a larger area. Both tip ends carry the same colour and the set includes the colours:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Cornflower blue
  • Light green
  • Bright yellow
  • Orange
Please note

As there is nib at both ends, these pens need to be stored flat. They are therefore not suitable to be used with a diary pen loop.