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This discreet password book allows you to store important passwords and memorable information in one place. The text free cover keeps it safe from prying eyes! Great if you have lots of passwords to remember to avoid lots of password re-sets!

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Size:11 x 15.5 x 1.5 cm

Brand new product !

With a million things to remember, it's easy to forget your passwords! There's nothing worse than multiple password re-sets when you are just trying to do your online shopping, it gets really frustrating. That's why we have developed this helpful little book.

This pretty hardbacked Internet Password Book is the perfect place to store passwords for websites you visit regularly and any other important IT registration and log in details you have.

The cover has a pretty floral design with foil detail and is text-free so it doesn't attract undue attention. At first glance it's like a small address book so you can rest assured, if you add pop it in your drawer, nobody will give it a second glance.

Set out in alphabetical order with tabs so you can find the right password quickly and easily, a help when you are in a hurry on the telephone! Each page has space to write down the website name, web address, username and password with hint.

Another feature you'll love is the 'VIP' section- perfect for anyone such as small business owners or students, who have numberous IT, email and software details to remember. There's space to write down registration details and important information access information.

Decorated with a pretty satin ribbon to mark your place, and matching coloured bandeau! A novel gift idea for anyone who has passwords to remember.

A helpful and reliable storage solution for your passwords:

  • Text-free cover so you can discreetly hide your book

  • Pretty, hardback design so it blends in with other notebooks and journals

  • Store safely at home in a drawer or amongst other journals and books
  • Space to write down websites, passwords and hints

  • 'VIP' section for additional IT, email and software registration details

  • Great gift idea for a small business owner, student or new home owner

  • Pretty satin ribbon and matching elastic bandeau

  • Notes pages for any additional information you might need to add