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Raise funds for a charity or great cause you love

Everyone loves a brand new calendar or diary. They’re an essential in every home, and even better when they do some good too. Purchasing through the Boxclever Press fundraising scheme means you’ll be helping to raise important funds for your chosen charity. With a range of calendars, diaries, organisers and planners available to purchase, every single product bought contributes to a great cause. Now is the time to sign up, get organised and raise funds.

How it works

After registering, you are eligible to earn a 40% discount on Boxclever Press products. You collect orders from customers who pay the full price for the items they would like, then you pay us the discounted price and you keep the 40% difference in cost for your charity or good cause. 

One of the great benefits of our scheme is that you do not have to wait for your commission. By doing it this way you have the money instantly and don’t need to wait for a cheque/rebate. It’s as simple as that! 


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