Pastel Decorating Pen


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Product Information

Size:13 x 1 cm

  • Wedge shaped calligraphy nib perfect for highlighting
  • Available in assorted colours - Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow & Green
  • Can be used on paper and glass as well as the plastic overlay in your diary or calendar

These pastel decorating pens can be used to highlight, write, decorate and personalise your diary or calendar. With their wedge shaped calligraphy nib they can highlight as well as write and their beautiful colours will make special reminders, events and appointments really stand out on the page. They can also be used to write on the plastic overlay of your diary or calendar and once dry, will only rub off when you choose to remove it, just by using a damp cloth

All colours have 2.0mm nibs except the Green which has 3.0mm.