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closed Perfect Year page-a-day academic diary on a light purple background
Perfect Year A5 planner open on a two page spread.
close up of the corner of the diary showing the monthly tabs and days date
diary open on the notes and list pages on a white background
the black and grey ribbon page markers in the journal
close up of the pen loop on the side of the diary
academic diary open on the full year pages of 2020 and 2021
the front cover of the book with the years in gold foil and the back elastic closure
the useful numbers section and the patterned back cover
the handy receipt pocket on the inside of the back cover
diary size comparison chart showing A6, A5 and A4 sizes and the dimensions of the diary
Shop / Academic / 2020 - 2021 Perfect Year Page-A-Day Academic A5 Diary

2020 - 2021 Perfect Year Page-A-Day Academic A5 Diary

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The 2020 - 2021 Perfect Year Page-A-Day Academic A5 Diary will manage even the most hectic of schedules with ease. There is an abundance of space to get organised with this beautiful new diary, running from August 2020 through to August 2021, each page has a smart structure to plan your day in the most effective way to suit your needs. 3 highlighted sections, with space to note times, can be customised to suit periods in your day or areas of your life, plus a dedicated box for crucial tasks ensures every day is productive. Each page is finished off with a to-do list with checkboxes, helping you to complete your tasks throughout the day. Finished with beautiful foiling detail on the cover, two colour coordinating ribbon page markers and an elastic bandeau, this diary is the key to your most organised year yet!

What are the differences between an academic year and a calendar year diary? Find out here.

  • 12-month luxury A5 diary which runs from August 2020 to August 2021
  • Cover with beautiful foiling detail
  • Page-a-day layout
  • Key UK dates and holidays included
  • A dedicated section for 'crucial tasks' each day
  • To-do list per page
  • Navigation tabs for quick planning
  • Notes and lists pages
  • Useful numbers page
  • Paperwork pocket on the inside back cover
  • Pen loop
  • Ribbon page markers
  • Elastic bandeau
      • 21cm x 14.4cm x 2.4cm

      Code: PY_ACDP-21

      Is the Perfect Year Academic Page-A-Day A5 Diary the perfect diary for you?

      Perfectly suited to student, teacher, work and personal schedules the Perfect Year Page-A-Day Academic A5 Diary has been created with both functionality and beauty in mind. If you're particular about planning, have a hugely busy schedule to record or are simply looking for something a bit more spacious, then a page-a-day diary is perfect for you. Running from August to August, this is particularly great for recording class notes, homework tasks, school events and activities throughout the year. There's even a handy pocket at the back of the diary for storing paperwork!

      2020 - 2021 Perfect Year Page-A-Day Academic A5 Diary

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