How to Create an Organised Life with Boxclever Press

How to Create an Organised Life with Boxclever Press

Abbie Bartlett

Joining us today is Katy from What Katy Said, sharing her top tips on how to get organised using Boxclever Press stationery. Here’s what she had to say…

I love stationery. A lot. Stationery is great for helping you create an organised life. From writing lists to planning out your daily schedule, to creating meal plans that save you money each week. Stationery is more than just notepads and pens, it is a tool to help you take control of your life again. My favourite stationery brand is Boxclever Press as they have everything I need to get organised – with every product being thought through to make even the simplest of tasks easier and more efficient.

Magnetic Menu Planner and Shopping List

If you haven’t discovered meal planning yet then let this be the year you start. Not only does it save you time when you go to make dinner (as you’ve already planned it out) but it saves you money each week too. By planning out your meals for the week you avoid buying unnecessary food, therefore reducing your food spend. It also means you don’t end up throwing that excess away when you fail to eat it that week.

The meal planner has space for you to write out the meals for each day but also a shopping list to write down all of the ingredients you will need for those meals as well as any extras to get from the grocery store. Just a little planning has meant less time, less money and less food wasted each week, meaning less stress for me. Oh, and it has magnets on the back to stick it on your fridge!

Perfect Year Undated A5 Planner

As much as I love our family planner, I do like to have a personal planner that is just for me. Of course, there is a crossover but I am able to use my planner to detail my movements for the entire day as well as the jobs I need to complete. Boxclever produce both dated and undated planners, whichever suits you best. I have the undated as it means I can start using it whenever I like as opposed to January 1st or September for mid-year diaries.

Each month has a month-view, space for writing lists and of course the week-view with space for each day of the week. I also like to keep my planner in a zipped cover so that I can store a pen, any stickers and important things (party invites and letters from school) to be dealt with. Zip it up and everything is safely stored inside.

Password Book

I recently discovered that I have over 200 different accounts online with various username and password combinations. I am telling you now, I do not even know what those 200 accounts are let alone what the usernames or passwords are!

I recently started using a Password Book and my goodness has it saved me from wasting time trying to remember passwords for things. I don’t write out the exact details (especially for things like bank accounts), instead, write down hints that only you know the answer to. So handy and keeps my brain from having to store it all!

Extra tips for creating an organised life

Have a daily routine

The best way to become an organised person is to have routines. I have morning and evening routines as well as routines for different days of the week. The easiest way to start is to write down a list of things that you need to achieve (like a to-do list) and go through that list every single morning/ evening etc… Eventually, it will become a habit and you’ll do it without thinking.

Become an early morning person

If you feel like you never have enough time to get things done, consider getting up an hour earlier. The best way to get more time is to make more time. If that means turning the tv off an hour earlier so you can get to bed earlier then so be it. 

Set goals

Setting yourself goals and then actually writing them down means you are more likely to achieve them. So whether that is setting the goal to vacuum the entire house, or to declutter the spare bedroom or to start your own empire, setting them will give you something to aim for in whatever area of your life you choose.

So, have a think – what is your personal goal for today?

Write must-do lists

You’ve heard of a to-do list, but have you heard of must-do lists? Instead of writing down absolutely everything you have to do, which often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, you just choose the top 3. That way, you are able to better focus on what needs to be done and stop wasting so much time on the less important tasks that fill your day.

Declutter your home

I embarked on my own decluttering journey just over 4 years ago and it forever changed my life. Removing the clutter that surrounded me physically helped me to remove the clutter that affected me mentally. 

Less clutter has meant that I spend less time tidying, less time searching for things and more time doing things that I enjoy.

Interested in reading more from Katy? Read the full article here and find her at @whatkatysaiduk