A Pocket Life Book in a bag

Keeping your life organised on the go with Lisa from Living Thrifty

Abbie Bartlett

Lisa from @living_thrifty joins us today to talk through how we can plan on the go using the Pocket Life Book. For inspiration on using commute time wisely and how a small amount of organisation per day can really help you stay on top of things read on..

I am one of those people who tries to fit as much as possible into my days. I always have a million little thrifty projects on the go on top of keeping my work and home life organised. What that often means is that I end up falling behind in some places while excelling at others. For a long time I tried to stay organised on the go using the notes in my phone but they frequently ended up messy, inaccessible if my battery died and quite frankly disorganised!

Being introduced to the Pocket Life Book has been a lifesaver. One place I constantly seemed to fall behind was with meal planning, which as someone who is always working to stay on a budget has caused me to waste so much money in the past. However, as the Pocket Life Book has a handy page for each week with meal planning, shopping list and to-do lists all on one page I have finally taken control of our meals (and our budget along with it!)

I keep my Pocket Life Book in my handbag at all times and what really separates it from previous life planners I have used is that it is so perfectly suited to being on the go. It is small enough to fit into even my smallest handbag. Lightweight and easy to carry around, it packs a lot into a small space. I commute using public transport so rather than wasting 2 hours of commuting time I can check in with my to-do list, plan my social media and blog schedule, my work engagements and update my shopping list. What makes the Pocket Life Book so perfect for using on the go compared to other planners and diaries I have used before is the hardback cover and designated spot for a pen. I have genuinely in the past tried writing a to-do list pressed up against a bus window for support, rendering it completely illegible.

Being organised is 100% the key to staying thrifty. When I plan ahead - be that my shopping, my meal planning or buying birthday presents a few months in advance - I end up saving money. The Pocket Life Book has helped me step up my organisation so I can take back my commute time wherever inspiration and productivity strikes.